Dressing for a Date

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For those who have ever gone on a blind date, choosing an outfit can be one of the worst problems they have faced. They might not know where they will be going, or they could have been unfamiliar with their destination. Choosing clothes is not only an issue for women, so it can also be a difficult decision for men. The woman will have a large choice of skirts, dresses, casual pantsuits and she might even have mix and match outfits. Men will be limited to suits, sports coats, slacks and jeans.

Dressing for a date can be the beginning of a nightmare, or it can be the best possible choice. Whether it is a man or woman, casual or formal, an easy or difficult choice is generally only decided after the date. Those who find they have met or been with someone they can love for a long time will know they have made the right choice, but those who had a bad time could feel they made a fashion mistake.