Wearing Confidence On a Date

Going on a blind date is often thought of as a nightmare, but those who believe they have made the right decision are wearing confidence when they arrive. Their clothes might not quite fit the occasion, but they seldom care enough to notice. It might be that the person they are meeting is appalled at their lack of concern, but it simply means they could not be the right partner for the future. Any concerns the confident person has are tucked away into a special place where they will do no harm, and enjoying the date is their only concern.

The first meeting can be awkward, but two people in the same culture will have a general idea of what to expect. Shaking hands is an acceptable form of greeting, and they should fall back on their basic manners to get past those first few minutes. Sitting down to talk might feel restrictive, but one of them could suggest they walk a while before having coffee.

Making another person feel comfortable is generally a good way for a person to settle their own nerves, and a confident date will do just that. They might project a surface calm, but underneath they are not completely at ease. Their ability lies in being able to make the other person feel better, and their own relaxation comes when they are successful. Meeting someone like this often makes a blind date go smoother, and it can lead to a long term relationship.

Few people are comfortable when getting ready for a blind date, so making the choice to believe it is a good decision can be helpful. Setting the other person at ease as the date begins is a good way to have that reflected back, and it can clear the air between a couple before they begin the process of learning about each other.