Lovely Layering

When the weather turns cold, it is always a smart decision to dress in layers. It might seem to do going on a date that this would only apply to a particular time of the year, but lovely layering can be helpful when going on a date to an unknown destination. Many women have used this particular tactic to ensure they look smart when they arrive, and it only take a bit of practice to learn how to become an expert in it.

The layering begins with the choice of the outfit that will be worn. Selecting a blouse and matching skirt or pants is where the process will be grounded. These garments will be outerwear, so choosing loose ones might be best. Neutral colours are a good choice, and finding a matching belt that can be turned over for a slightly more sophisticated look could complete the first step of getting ready for a date.

Warmer weather often heralds shorter skirts and pants, so wearing either one underneath could be a way to get in an additional item of clothing. A skirt or shorts can serve the same function as a slip under a dress or skirt, and the colour choice should be a little bolder. If it can be done, choosing a belt that will look good with either outfit can stretch the wardrobe for the date. The same goes for a shirt underneath the blouse. It should match the shorts or skirt, and it can double as a camisole.

Shoes can be an issue, but wearing heels while taking along a pair of casual flats could do the trick. Many of them are flexible, and they can fit into a larger purse. Being ready for a date without a destination can become an interesting challenge for some, and arriving in just the right clothing can be considered a win.