Formal or Relaxed

Many women are convinced men have it much easier when it comes to dressing for any occasion, and they could be correct. Most men have some clothes they wear only for working on their house or car, and they would never consider these items as suitable for a date. Many of them simply need to know if the dress code is formal or relaxed, and they can toss on a pair of slacks and a jacket to look just right for the occasion.

While there are many with suitable wardrobes for these types of choices to be easy, there are others who take just as much time deciding on their outfit as their dates. They might be able to quickly choose a suit or sports jacket and slacks, but they will dither over which shirt will look best. Their choice is slightly limited because most of them would never consider wearing a dress or skirt, but it does not automatically mean they are not concerned about wearing just the right outfit.