Creating an Image

Singles who want to ensure they are considered important right from the beginning will find that blind dates can be vexing when it comes to dressing, and they often go through their wardrobe looking for the right apparel. A person might think about where they will be going, or they could simply be creating an image that will make a lasting impression. Those going on a date out of obligation to a friend or family member might overdress a bit to have the upper hand, or they could dress down to show their lack of respect for the person setting them up.

Whatever the dater chooses to wear when they first meet someone will create a lasting impression, so they should consider that factor when trying on outfits. While they might not want to go out on this particular date, they should keep in mind that the impression they make could last a lifetime.

They do not know the other person at all, so dressing down is nothing more than an insult to someone who might also have been trapped into the same situation. It might be a good way to make the other person feel uncomfortable, but the message it sends could be that the person doing it is selfish. On the other hand, overdressing could be a sign that the person choosing the clothes intends to be in charge of everything. They might be giving the impression that they are bossy, impatient, and they could also be seen as insufferable.

There are many ways to make a good first impression, and even being trapped into a blind date is a time when doing so can be important. The pair might find they are not necessarily interested in forming a long term relationship, but they could become friends if they do not dress to kill any hope of getting alone with each other.